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The game all about creating, sharing, collecting and moving virtual swag!

Badge(r)s! the casual location based (aka GPS) MMO.

Badgers played here: 'Lincolnshire'. Sample Weekly Badge

Some Random Statistics

Frequent Skills
387xMagic Dia
302xProduction Speed
296xTake Range
190xExtra Capa

What the Press could have said, if they knew we exist:
  • This is not Pokémon Go, not Geocaching, not Ingress, not Delta T, not Munzee, not Struts, not Enklave nor anything else, this is Badgers.
  • This is not about moving from game to game. Moving is the game.
  • This is not fighting, this is collecting Badges: The nice, the rare, the beautiful and the different.
  • This is about playing when you want, not as a duty. Whenever you want, wherever you want.
  • BBBB: Best badging by bike.
  • Don't Panic!