Privacy Policy

Badge(r)s is a location based MMO. To get the game running, we need a minimum amount of your data:
  1. To identify you and provide you service on all your devices, we need your Google Account.
  2. To provide location based gaming, we need your GPS position.
Herewith we declare, that we ...
  • ... make minimum usage of above mentioned data.
  • ... when needed all such data is transfered over the internet securely via https.
  • ... retrieve and restore not more of your account data, as needed to identify you
    (Note: A google account always implies a GoogleMail-Address).
  • ... account identification information is only transfered once per session/app start to identify active player.
  • ... do not retrieve, store or transfer your location data for more than required to implement the game.
  • ... do not archive any of our players location data beyond the requirements of gaming.
  • ... do not give your account or location data to other companies.
    Exceptions are due to implementation:
    • Account data is stored in a Google AppEngine cloud service storage facility.
    • Location data is stored on a different storage facility from a different company.
  • ... do not share account data between players. Badge(r)s only communicates your alias and a technical id to other players. There is no link between either of these to your Google Account, but one private table on Google AppEngine.
  • ... do not share location data between players. In cases, where a players location data can be infered from game activity, there is no direct linkage between this location data and player identity.
  • ... display certain location information with a lag of one week for additional privacy.
See you in the game!