Badges, the Items it is all About

Every badge has a type. The type of a badge has the following properties:

  • A creator, that is either a player or a system creator, i.e. “System” or “Skills”.
  • A level.
  • Some types have a name.
  • Some types have a picture.

Every Badge, which is not produced/created by the player himself is a foreign badge. This includes all System Badges (Weekly, Ruler, Mapper, GeoChallenge etc) and all Badges which are produced/created by other players.

The individual properties of a badge are:

  • It’s type
  • The running number. As soon as a new badge is created it will get the next number.
  • A creation time
  • A current location which is either a geo coordinate or a player, the current “holder”.
  • Actually it has a lengthy history of places and timestamps.
Type count and ID
#existingHow much of these Badge exist (Level+Creator+Type)
Travel distanceHow far moved this badge
Movement time
Travel speedHow fast moves this badge

You can drop a badge from your Inventory (Rules). The badge drops at your current position. You can only drop badges from your chest with a long press action. Alternative you can move it to the bag to get the normal drop possibility.

Distance Rule: There is a minimum distance between badges on the map. Players are enforced to keep a 150m gap to the next badge during drops. This distance has been introduced to encourage actual movement. The system can ignore this rule.

If you are not able to drop an badge, just take all other badges within your circle until it switches to green.

First Drop

The first drop is a unique event for every own produced badge. When you drop an own badge the first time, you got a some points/score for it. For more information, see here.

You can Pick up (aka take) a badge from the Map if you are near to it, so:

  • You do not need to stand directly on top of a badge to pick it up, you have a certain radius to do so.
  • This radius can be increased by the corresponding skill.

First Take

Like the first drop, you are honoured for the first take of foreign badges (badges which are not produced by yourself).
See also: Quadrants, Player Level/Scoring

If you are lucky to get an Paint Brush Skill (or bought one) you are able to “paint” your personal badges. This Painting will be shown on all of your badges of this type (and level). It doesn't matter if its positioned somewhere on the map or in the inventory of a player. But you can only paint Badge types which you hold in your inventory.

At the moment only Diamond Badge and Painter Badge can be consumed by the Player. These Badges disappear after using from inventory.

Every user painted badge gets into the voting for the most beautiful badge. The Vote-Dialog pops up random in-game.

Note that there a very few, very rare badges and badge types. These are due to early testing, or bugs are rules which have changed during.

Few examples: VeryFirst1, VeryFirst2, VeryFirst0 by System, a Cron badge, Weeklies with (NASA) space pictures, there are also two kinds of Weeklies for the date of the 10th of October 2017. There are also badges from rarely used test user accounts.

Geographically and historically, the coordinates 0,0 (see picture) have been (ab)used for early testing a lot. When you own a boat or jet, you might want to go there …

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