User Interface and Statistics

1Inventory79 = Number of Badges in Inventory, 144 = Space of Inventory (ergo 65 free). Try to top, long top, double tap and(!) swipe for different configurable views!
Diamondsonly appears if user has an diamond in inventory
2Paintonly appears if user has an painter badge in inventory
4Common Quadrants19 Players who played the same quadrants like you.
ChatOf course there is a chat.
Player ActionsA log of all your badges going in and out.
5StatisticsSubmenu with different statistics and usertimeline
6BookmarksNamed Locations. Include automatic (e.g. Weeklies) and manual bookmarks.
7Lock GPSJumps on actual position
8Day/NightSwitchs the map between day and night mode
9FilterShow/Hide touched badges on the map. Try tap and long tap!
10ReloadMap & badges and more.
11Dot MenuSettings, Help, About and more.

Depending on your inventory and level, there can be more buttons at the lower edge than in the screenshot. In this case you can scroll the lower edge buttons to the right an to the left to see more.

2Connect Qualityshown 4 states(red, orange, yellow, green)
3LogoTouch for player stats.
4LevelTouch for player stats.
5RankTouch for player stats.
6UsernameTouch for player stats.

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