Long Press Magic

Long Presses are a notoriously obscure element of UI design. However, once known, they are useful.

So here are some hints, what can be long pressed in the Badgers UI in rough order of usefulness:

  • Inventory Button has 4 different “modes” you can configure for different selections.
    • Simple press
    • Long press
    • Double press
    • Swipe (!)
  • A badge (detail) in inventory list to immediately get into precision drop mode.
  • The map filter/funnel offers more detailed options, when pressed long.
  • On the map itself, long press a quadrant to see to which regions it belongs and its quadrants id.
  • A badge type in inventory to get information about the creator, i.e. player who produces the type (not for NPCs).
  • When you see a map with a label (i.e. a badge track or a party code), the label responds to touch and long press:
    • Long press simply leaves this special map view.
  • Last modified: 3 months ago
  • by Frank Nestel