Note: This is about statistics. If you want to know, how to level and score, go to the Player Level Page.


If you like numbers, you will love Badge®s ;) A lot of Stats/Rankings are shown randomly on the Homepage.
Some of them are collected non frequent in this telegram channel.

Badge®s provides more and more of Rankings/Highscores. Beside the homepage, you can access some of them via the stats button in the client.

Rankingin AppDescription
4 Week Drop Power
4 Week Take Power
All Level, Ruled (Badge levels in region)
Average Badge Travel
Badges in Countries In how many countries a player has badges on the ground (and how many)
Badges in Foreign Hands
Badges in Hand???
Badges in Regions
Busy VotersWho votes most (for painted badges)
Creators by Best BadgeEach creator ranked by his most beautiful badge
Common User BadgesWhich is the most common player-created badge
Different Regions Played
Different Weeklies How many different weeklies a player hold
Distinct GeoChallenges Dropped How many different GC a player droped
Hard-Fought Regions
Level 0 Regions Which player has played in most Countries
Level 0 Ruled (Badge levels in region)
Last Year Mapper/Changes
Last Year Ruler/Changes
Level 0, Mapper (Quadrants in region)
Mapper (Quadrants in region) In how many different Regions has the player Quadrants
Mappers and Rulers How many Mapper and Ruler Badges own the player
Most Collected Playerwhos badges are most collected
Most Exclusive CollectorsPlayers ranked by sum of their collected badge type beauty voting.
Most Exclusive ProducersPlayers ranked by sum of their produced badge type beauty voting.
Most Handed Over BadgesWhich Badge has the most taken/drop by different players
Most Liked Badge-Typeswich badge has the most votes
Most taken Badges Which Badge was taken most and by how many players
Most Valued Collection Which player collected the most best rated badges
Number of Buddies with how many different players a player has common quadrants
Own Badges on MapHow many player badges are on the map
Quadrants Ones Badges Touched
Quadrants per Player Which player has the most (half and full) Quadrants
Rare User Badges Which user badges are the rarest
Regions Ones Badges Touched
Regions Played First How many regions a player discovered/explored
Ruled (Badge levels in region) How many ruler badges one has.
Total Badge ProductionHow many badges produced by player (+types +% on map)
Weekly Thieves
in AppDescription
Badge Level on Map How many Badges of the different levels located on earth
Different Players on a Quadrant. How many quadrants are played by how many players
Frequent Skills How many badges of each skill type exists
Hard-Fought Regions In which Regions changes the ruler most
Large Region Transfers Dates, where most Regions changed the ruler/mapper
Latest Regions Show the 10th latest Regions which are added (or changed)
Player Badge Levels How many Badges of the different levels exist
4 Relay - Fastest BadgesThe fastests transports of badges by 4 different consecutive players.
Regions SummaryHow many countries, regions, quadrants, rulers and mappers do we have.
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