Painted Badges, Ratings and Beauty

As you have probably realized, you can paint badges. Well, actually you paing badge types. As other things in the game, this is just for fun, just to show the others your liked images and to increase excitement when picking up badges.

But, badge (type) ratings also feed into other parts of the game via delivering diamonds:

Note: Details have changed in September 2019.

  • Twice in a month, you can get Diamonds for Beauty.
  • On the 1st of every month only badges are scored, which have been painted within last 100 days.
    • Every badge type that has a positive (mELO-)score gives a diamond to its creator, with an upper limit of 2 diamonds per player.
  • On the 17ths of every month we take long term scores into account.
    • Every player can get 0,1 or 2 diamonds.
    • You get 1 diamond for being high in the list of best rated badges.
    • You get 1 diamond for having collected a highly rated set of badges (i.e. overall rating for all badge types you hold).
      • Only badges with positive ratings count. Types count, no need to have certain badges as duplicate.

As diamonds have many applications, to gain power in form of skills or badges, consider to deliver the community some nice images.

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  • Last modified: 5 years ago
  • by Frank Nestel