Time Periods

The game uses various time periods to schedule certain events:

System checks every 10 minutes for badge production execution.

Every 1 hour New images for regions are picked up (when some get provided, see FAQ, when do my regions appear.

Every 1-2 hours OSM database Nominatim is being batch polled to map quadrants to regions. Note: This is reevaluating things, new quadrants are queued directly after they have been played.

Every 10 hours you can see a new random statistics in the app.

Every 13 hours some weeklies not picked up for long (see below) jump elsewhere.

At the beginning of the game a badge production lasts 24 hours between two Regular Badges.This timespan can be decreased by having Production Speed Badges in inventory.

Every 23 hours you can get a chance to vote for a badge.

Every 23 hours region and mapper ownership is being checked. They alternate, i.e. 11 hours after the rulers comes the mapper and 12 hours later the next ruler.

A week in Badge®s last 161 hours and is mainly the timespan between two Weekly Badges are deployed.

On the 17ths of every month diamonds are awarded for "beauty": For the highest rating badges, badge series and badge collections.

The number of diamonds a player can get, is between 0 and 3, i.e. one for his best badge, one for his collection, one for is production.

Time a weekly badge untouched by a player stays in place, before it “wanders”, i.e. jumps to a new location (cf. above). Note, that once a weekly has been taken by a player, it does never wander again, even if it is being dropped again.

System knows about common seasons, like christmas, easter and the like and adapts a bit to that. At least on the splash screen.

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  • by Frank Nestel