What to say about a player?

  • A player has a level. “Lx”
  • When the player interacts with badges on the map, he needs to have a position, a geo coordinate.
  • A player has a badge label which produces one badge per period.
    • Initially period is a day, the production speed skill can reduce that. This skill is collectible, the more you have, the faster production gets.
    • One time production can be speed up by the “one way skill” Diamond Badge.
    • Production is fully automated and “circular level dependant”. I.e. a L1 player produces a L1 badge per period. A L7 player produces badges of levels in order 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-1-2-…, one Badge per period
  • Is a person with an Inventory (Rules) consisting of two parts
    • a bag of badges to trade and distribute.
    • A player has also a chest for badges he does not want to trade.
    • The total capacity of the inventory (not bag or chest) depends on the corresponding skill and the number of different badge types the inventory contains. I.e. one badge of a type does not cost precious inventory space, it is only when you have a second or more badges of the same type, when the free space in your inventory shrinks.
  • Players have skills, these skills are accounted by skill badges, what means, that skills can be traded between players, like other badges.
    • There could be sticky badges, but we haven’t seen what for so far.
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  • by Mega Chip