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New Zealand

Badge for NemesisNZ NemesisNZ, Ruler of New Zealand


The player NemesisNZ holds 375 badges of 164 types. NemesisNZ played 214 full and 362 half quadrants, totalling in 576 quadrants.
 Longest traveled badges: 9041 km(1 players), 9041 km(1 players), 9037 km(1 players) (ids only revealed for badges carried by more than 3 players.)
 Oldest user created badges held: 1098 days NemesisNZ-1, 1097 days NemesisNZ-2, 1096 days NemesisNZ-3
 Oldest weekly badges held: 1304 days, 1264 days, 1230 days, 1197 days, 1190 days
 Highest rated badges held: 2.97 NemesisNZ-1, 0.28 NemesisNZ-2

7 Regions Ruled or Mapped by NemesisNZ

New Zealand Wellington Masterton District Masterton Wellington City Bay of Plenty Gisborne

Badges (a region can have two, mapper and ruler):
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