Badge for Walkeroi Walkeroi, Mapper of Hartberg-Fürstenfeld


The player Walkeroi holds 176 badges of 75 types. Walkeroi played 45 full and 451 half quadrants, totalling in 496 quadrants.
 Longest traveled badges: 66275 km(3 players), 66273 km(3 players), 64849 km(2 players) (ids only revealed for badges carried by more than 3 players.)
 Handed over badges (> 3 players): 4 players7289 km, 4 players7040 km, 4 players6116 km
 Oldest user created badges held: 1524 days Phii-2, 1514 days Phii-3, 1487 days Phii-1
 Oldest weekly badges held: 1302 days, 1121 days, 705 days, 577 days, 557 days
 Highest rated badges held: 3.96 michixlol-11, 3.31 Phii-2, 3.06 michixlol-24
 Has badges in 8 countries (does not need to have been in these):
Germany Germany Spain Spain Austria Austria Malta Malta Slovakia Slovakia Croatia Croatia Georgia Georgia Chile Chile

2 Regions Ruled or Mapped by Walkeroi

Bezirk Hartberg-Fürstenfeld Bezirk Wels-Land

Badges (a region can have two, mapper and ruler):
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11 Buddies of Walkeroi

michixlol, QueenOfNowhere, 4N3G4ZPK, Nananana, olifant, Phii, Barney.vk, Rainbow, color_poisoning, Spes, Ellikatz


 Latest History:Porta WestfalicaKreis HeinsbergMitte