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Badge #152702 a Jaxel-6

This badge was first seen 2021-03-10, last seen 2024-04-07. It has traveled a distance of 84073.3 km in the hand of 6 players, travel time 26985.8 h, average speed 74.77 km/d. This badge touched 2778 regions, is rank 768 in players/distance ranking, rank 6014 in pure distance ranking.
Privacy Note: Track has been reduced and does not contain all steps. Especially latest history is hidden. Coordinate resolution has also been reduced.
Visited 12 Countries: Germany Germany United States of America United States of America Switzerland Switzerland Denmark Denmark France France Czechia Czechia The Netherlands The Netherlands United Kingdom United Kingdom Portugal Portugal Hungary Hungary Italy Italy Nirvana Nirvana
Drop Regions: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf Bochum-Süd Bochum-Mitte Barsinghausen Ennepe-Ruhr-Kreis