Badge Trade Party aka Sofa Session

When several players, preferable with disjoint main playing region, meet, it might well be time for a big badge trade. That is, using either manual lookup or the Delta Compare features, players determine badges the others lack and trade them by dropping them and letting the other pick them up.

Some observations about this strategy.

  • You wouldn't trade your own badges this way, cause you'd then lose yellow or green quadrants.
  • By dropping “3rd party” badges, presumably all in one place, the dropping player loses nothing. The taking player loses a change for a blue quadrant. This loss is compensated by trading speed, i.e. transfering many badges within a shorter time than an actual ride from quadrant to quadrant would take. (cf. Economy aka Circles)
  • If you are a player lacking blue quadrants (i.e. regularly players nearby), you better play this on a walk to maximize quadrant yield.
  • With more than 2 players be sure to agree on some order how to play this, to optimize negotiations.
  • With more than 2 players and players who insist on the (relatively small) bonus for taking foreign badges, you might need to adapt the order of play to having each of these players doing a immediate take-drop move. With many players in a place, these in between moves cost a lot of time though.

Players interacting in a common place (i.e. crossing commutes) without ever meeting, can kind of play this in a ultra slow motion, by taking or dropping a badge a day or week in this common place. This has about the same advantages and disadvantages like the real thing.

Hint: If you want to avoid that your Sofa Session pulls too many Weeklies to neighbouring quadrants, it is recommended, that you play all 8 direct neighbouring quadrants coloured before the next weeklies schedule.

  • Last modified: 5 years ago
  • by Frank Nestel