Why Keep Badge Duplicates?

So as been explained in Inventory & Capacity, you usually avoid having duplicate badges of one type. This is, cause the first badge of a type (or actually the type) creates space for another badge, whereas the second and more badges of a type actually cut into your free inventory space.

However, there are reasons to keep badge duplicates.

  • It is a undropped own badge and you keep it until you get to a place where you can actually create a yellow/green quadrant by dropping the badge.
  • It is a own badge and you want to transport it to a region where you fight for ruler.
  • It is a foreign badge and you want it to move away from a region you rule.
  • You see a trading opportunity, i.e. transporting that duplicate to the hood of a player, who wants it.
  • You are traveling and want to attach movements and distance to the badge.
  • It is a high rated badge and you are running for diamonds for beauty: In the category best collector actually all positively rated badges (i.e. not badge types) score and you can excel by having more. (NB: In the category creators, only the types you created count, so no need to keep your self built beauty badges to rank.) cf. Painted Badges, Ratings and Beauty Rule changed 10.6.2017. High rated badges might still be good items to trade though.
  • Just for completeness, cause it is a skill :-)
  • Last modified: 5 years ago
  • by Frank Nestel