18/01/24raise the allowed GPS accuracy. faster and more stable fixes.
17/07/30Increased the tolerance on position fix accuracy
17/05/31Voting decreased from 35 to 23h
19/09/050.8.8- First version of Polish translation.
- Map screen is now “always on”, unless user disables it..
- New workarounds around several chat issues.
18/05/ -Map labels for tracks and party code.
-New Labels work on touch/long press.
-Removed track icon from rulers/mappers.
18/04/ Statistics and statistics help display improved.
- Widget and other things running under Android O now.
18/04/ Rendering region borders on the map can be enabled.
- Long press on map now displays region information.
18/04/010.7.8- Cancel and resume a precision drop.
- Widget is working again.
- Reordering buttons when badge is first of a type.
- Link from app to homepage.
- Explicit handling of network loss in more places.
- Fixed: Chat errors from background or when offline.
- Fixed: Widget could stop app from receiving data.
- Other bug fixes, performance and stability improvements and 3rd party library updates.
18/03/040.7.7- Added scroll indicators to lower menu, when necessary.
- Chats now show their names.
- Faster GPS fix.
- Smoother badge loading from net to map.
- Fixing keyboard hiding OK button during first logon.
- Links in chat text.
- Map with continuous zoom and better caching.
- Bug fixes (thx Thorsten), performance and stability improvements and 3rd party library updates.
- Known Bug: Widget does not work.
18/02/ Additional range circle on map center, for remote planning
- @-mention (and some more) completion suggestions in chat
- Improved drawing of badges on map
- Fixed Android O (8.X) notifications
- Worked around some Android N (7.X) issues
- Worked around some Android N (8.X) issues\ - Improved remote logging
- Improved chat initialization
- Bug fixes, performance and stability improvements and 3rd party library updates.
17/09/030.6.9- share your inventory with buddies
- improved player actions
- fast scroll in inventory
- bug fixes, new libraries, performance and other improvements
17/08/070.6.8- less obtrusive position warning
- popup messages in case of “unstrategic” drops
- bug fixes and other improvements
17/07/190.6.7- removed dev mode check
17/07/020.6.6- improvements in networking and security.
- personal badge chronology via statistics menu.
- Fixed all reported bugs
17/06/120.6.5- Focus on badges on map works now.
- Fixes to reportet crashes and ANRs.
- Improvements of inner working, smoother UI in case of slow network.
- More improvements of networking.
- Friendlier to new (guest) users.
- App can now be opened by location intents.
- Extended and dynamic statistics list.
- Nicer badge tracks.
17/02/020.6.1- wiki embedded in app
- new players get badge preview
- Inventory improvements, including different list on long press.
- Score Animation
- Extended Turtle track testing.
- Region badges undroppable and with Wikipedia link
- Precision drop feature.
- Better tracks of hand badges.
- Buddylist “Colocs”, people who played the same quadrants
- party badges can be searched, preparation for sales
16/10/120.4.5- Experimental: Tracks of hand badges.
- Drop circle, yellow colour and center cross
- Wider quadrant view range
- Intro pages to guide new users
- Buddylist “Colocs”, people who played the same quadrants
- preparations for sales
- party badges can be searched
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