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Badge #124107 a MegaAnt-3

This badge was first seen 2020-08-20, last seen 2022-08-24. It has traveled a distance of 3586.1 km in the hand of 4 players, travel time 17622.4 h, average speed 4.88 km/d. This badge touched 137 regions, is rank 26710 in players/distance ranking, rank 167204 in pure distance ranking.
Visited 2 Countries: Germany Germany Poland Poland
Beside the data above a map view for badge #124107 is to date not available for privacy reasons. Yes, this is not an error, this is a privacy protection measure. This status can expand anytime in the future, depending on player actions to badge #124107. Recheck any time!
For a sample of a badge with a track on a map, look at Badge 9120.