Skill Hints

First of all, remember Skills are badges. Even though they are badges that doesn't mean you can drop them, with the only exception being Diamonds and Painters.

Production Speed Production speed is a major decision, the higher you production speed, the faster you can play, since you produce more own badges. However to keep up to that production speed, it also means, you kind of have to play faster, to avoid getting production stalled by exhausted capacity. Cautiously accomodate to your favourite playing style.
Take range Just give you a wide range to grab badges, this might help to collect more badges without changing your movement patters in town. A few take range skills are probably a good choice for a starter.
Extra capacity Allows you to keep more duplicate badges. This is mostly important for new players or players in deserted regions.
Diamonds Work a bit like a currency in the game and allow you to do an instant production or buy other skills. For the beginners diamonds are a faster way to the other skill than the skill badges themselves (the price of skill badges raise with your level).
Painter Allows you make nice badges by painting them. Use to get known by other players. Great badges might also help you to up to 3 extra diamonds in the monthly badge rating, which can help you to more skills. Once you are used to the basics, you should get at least one set.
Drop Space Allows you to play badges closer to each other. This can be very useful in some environments.

From a collector point of view, you want to have at least one of each skill badge, to keep your number of different badges high, to achieve maximal leveling speed.

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  • by Jari Nestel