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By the time of writing, you need a passcode to upgrade your account from GUEST to USER. However, by the time of writing, we automatically send an email with a valid passcode to the email associated with your Google account. Please check your Inbox including Spam.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it is required, since the Google minimum users number for a Beta test is larger than our test infrastructur maximum capacitiy.

Despite having virtual unlimited capacity, you cannot keep all badges. Drop Badges, but be sure to keep one badge of every type, i.e. if you have 4 of your own L1 badges, drop 3 of them, keep the last one to maximize you Capacity. Some people put these “last ones” in their Chest, just to avoid accidentical drops.

Some special cases:

  • Got (many) Painter Skills? Paint as much of your own badges, as you can, drop all but one of your remaining Painter Skills.
  • Got (many) Diamonds? Use them, do instant productions, buy some other skill with them whatever. If you must, drop them, remembert to keep one, to maximize your capacity.
  • Never ever drop the Extra Capacity skill, you might not even be able to immediately take it again.

Q: How do I get points and level up?
Q: Aren't there any XP?
A: Just check the Player Level/Scoring-Page, It describe the 5 counters, which make you progress. If you have enough of them, you level up.

Creating such a badge is a hand redacted process.

We have automated selections, which guide us to candidate regions according to number of players in region, depth of region, number of subregions, activity and some more criteria. This automated ranking of say candidate regions is documented on the Region Badge Preview Page.

But every candidate then has to be checked by hand, if the corresponding Open Street Map structure is sound. OSM is a not only free, but also offers good data quality. Badgers however allready recontributed by finding a few OSM error (essentially reported via MegaChip so far). If a region is sound, we need to prepare an image for the region, create database entries etc. Thus there will never be awarded all possible Ruler or Mapper Badges, but only ones which are considered relevant according to both automated and manual criteria.

To speed things up … consider to help.

Q: I can see I leveled up and used to get a gift, when?

A: Open the app and idle for a while, i.e. do not touch anything, not even statistics, also be sure not to move, since movements can trigger map reloads are not considered idle. Once the server detects you didn't do anything for 1-2 minutes, it offers you the gift. In any case, don't worry, the server will not forget about your gift and sooner or later it will offer it to you.

Note: as of version 0.6.7, turning off Developer mode is no longer required.

==== What is the Developer Mode ==== As name indicates, developer mode is meant for developers of Android apps. That is, nearly every Android device can set in this mode to give developers more control over it, like enable installation of yet unpublished apps and control other system behaviours. ==== Why I have to disable it? ==== Developer mode on an Android Device enables a developer to send (fake) GPS/position data to an App. This is a very easy way, to spoof a location based game by playing without actually moving in the real world. It is well known, that many location based games are subject to this kind of cheating. To keep the game fair and fun for the fair players, Badgers refuses to work on phones with developer mode turned on. Note: We know, that there are other, more sophisticated ways of spoofing or cheating and Badgers has more defense built in, but we must also confess that this is rat race and it might be possible to trick our security measures. In case you see an account with suspect behaviour, please inform Badgers administration! ==== Does Disabling Hurt My Phone? ==== No! Regular Apps and regular users do not need developer mode. Turning off developer mode can make a phone slightly faster, due to some reduced overhead. And even when you “sideloaded” an app, i.e. installed it from an download or an exoctic app store, you can still disable developer mode after that, without hurting things. ==== How can I disable it? ==== It has to be done in the device settings, usually “way down below”. It is easy and boils down to unchecking a option, so nothing “hacky”. However location of that option varies depending on device and Android version. The way to find that option, is usually to enter your device name, android version and the words “developer mode” in Google and follow the links. In the rare case you cannot succeed, similiar devices and similar Android places have that option in similar locations. Should be easy digging.