• Choose a tool for Image Manipulation - Paint 3D is standard on windows, GIMP is more advanced
  • setup GIMP - you'll be needing this for colour reduction
  • setup PNGgauntlet - you'll be needing this for filesize reduction
  • setup Emage - a PNG optimized file, can be further compressed using Emage
  • setup a directory for downloads & intial image creation, a directory for GIMP exports, a directory for PNG optimized files. This way your work follows a logical flow, and you don't accidentally mix up or upload files from previous steps
  1. Resize the different items, and save to workdirectory
  2. Create a blank 800 x 800 canvas
  3. Insert and Center the different resized items
  4. Open GIMP - reduce colours and export the image to GIMP directory
  5. Open PNGgauntlet - reduce filesize and export to PNG directory
  6. Open Emage - reduce filesize and replace file in PNG directory
  • Last modified: 10 months ago
  • by Frank Nestel