Update in Time

Another not so casual strategy, I (InI4) am actually applying lately:

  • Badgeproduction is a cycle. When you are Level N, badges are produces .., 1, 2, .., N-1, N, 1, 2, ..
  • The decision what badge comes next is taken immediatly after the previous badge has been finished.
  • What I try to minimize is that N,1-step.
  • I.e. when badge production gets close to level N and I realize that next level is close, say > 90%, then I usually spend a bike ride extra or so, to be sure, I am at level N+1, before the N badge is being produced, this to modify the sequence from N-1,N,1 to N-1,N,N+1,1.

This reduces the waiting time for my N+1-badge by a full cycle, which can be several weeks for a high leveled player.

It is a personal sport of mine. Given enough foreign activity in your environment you can do this, but you do not have to. It might be fairly hard to impossible for the “lone rider” test players though, since the main way to speed up in the long run are full quadrants and new badge types. A part of this “race” is, that I often drop my stock of self produced badges empty (or fairly empty), but prefer to drop the badges which get produced again, before that N,1-step.

  • Last modified: 5 years ago
  • by Frank Nestel