Geoguess is a game that can be found on the website. The premise of the game is to look at the image and to deduce where the image is taken. All images are taken from where a badge was placed.


There are five main areas to pay attention to when playing Geoguess. Let's take the following example.

  1. Time left in the puzzle
  2. The last digit of the badge
  3. The owner of the badge as well as the level of the badge (to the left is the badge color)
  4. The quadrant ID you enter
  5. The image of where the badge is

How To Play

First, examine all of the clues on the puzzle page. Click the link of the badge creator(#3) to see where he/she may have placed badges and the level of the badge. Also notice the last digit of the badge number(#2) as this will come in handy. After using these hints open up your Badge® app and start looking for the badge. Some images and explanations of what to do on the mobile interface are next. Once you locate the badge and retrieve the Quadrant ID you will then enter them into the puzzle(#4). You only get ONE guess per puzzle.

Mobile Interface

After you find the location where you think the badge is you will have a screen that looks like such:

If you notice carefully, you will see the hints from the puzzle page align with the badge placed.

  • Same user created the badge
  • The badge level on the website says 3 and the app says 2+ meaning the badge placed will not be lower than 2
  • The badge color matches
  • The last number of the badge is 6

You will then long click the quadrant the badge is in and get the Quadrant ID.

  • Last modified: 8 months ago
  • by Kevin H