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 +====== Weeklies on the Map ======
 +There is a unknown [[badge:​weekly]] nearby. Is it worth a detour?
 +As this is not obvious, here are a few hints what one can see from that badge on the map:
 +  * Fresh weeklies land in the exact numerical center of a quadrant. ​
 +  * If such a quadrant is also unplayed by you, but close to something played by you, it might well the weekly generated for you.
 +  * Wandering weeklies land exactly on top of a place once a badge was played. Especially a stack with a weekly on top of a badge is most likely a wandering weeklies.
 +  * When a weekly is in neither such position it has probably been played here by someone else.
 +  * The ID of a weekly is a very good indicator of its generation date. As all weeklies of all players are generated within a fairly short time interval and then one week long other stuff is being produced, the IDs of weeklies cluster well to predict the week of a weekly without picking it up.