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 +====== 4 Relay - Fastest Badges ======
 +This statistics is about transports of a badge by 4 consecutive players. ​
 +For a badge (and its players) are eligible for this statistics, the following conditions must hold:
 +  * There is **1 (one) badge b**.
 +  * There are **4 different players**, say A, B, C, D.
 +  * The following must happen:
 +      * Player A picks up b at place **X0**, moves it and drops it at X1.
 +      * Player B picks up b at X1, moves it and drops it at X2.
 +      * Player C picks up b at X2, moves it and drops it at X3.
 +      * Player D picks up b at X3, moves it and drops it at **X4**.
 +  * Note: All players may play other badges in between, but above 4 steps are all that happened to Badge b, no intermediate drops or takes.
 +Given above conditions hold, the **distance(X4,​X0)** is determined both in **space** and **time**. From this Badgers can determine the length and the speed of the 4 relay. The positions X1, X2, X3 are not relevant for evaluating the transport.
 +This statistics is all about the **fastests such transports** that happened, that is maximum of length divided by time.