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What to say about a player?

  • A player has a level. “Lx”
  • When the player interacts with badges on the map, he needs to have a position, a geo coordinate.
  • A player has a badge label which produces one badge per period.
    • Initially period is a day, the production speed skill can reduce that. This skill is collectible, the more you have, the faster production gets.
    • One time production can be speed up by the “one way skill” Diamond Badge.
    • Production is fully automated and “circular level dependant”. I.e. a L1 player produces a L1 badge per period. A L7 player produces badges of levels in order 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-1-2-…, one Badge per period
  • Is a person with an Inventory (Rules) consisting of two parts
    • a bag of badges to trade and distribute.
    • A player has also a chest for badges he does not want to trade.
    • The total capacity of the inventory (not bag or chest) depends on the corresponding skill and the number of different badge types the inventory contains. I.e. one badge of a type does not cost precious inventory space, it is only when you have a second or more badges of the same type, when the free space in your inventory shrinks.
  • Players have skills, these skills are accounted by skill badges, what means, that skills can be traded between players, like other badges.
    • There could be sticky badges, but we haven’t seen what for so far.

The VeryFirst badges

For every player, there are two types of L1 badges. The regular ones, which are produced as described above and the 7 “VFs”. One of those lands on the players hand, the others land on the map in a somewhat randomized triangle around the position where the player first aquired access to play the game (you can open the app in a guest mode)