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 To speed things up ... consider to helping. To speed things up ... consider to helping.
 +===== Q: Why do I Suddenly Get a Ruler/​Mapper?​ =====
 +**Q:** I haven'​t been playing in a place (at all or for a long time) but then get a Badge for it?
 +**A:** This can happen in a few cases:
 +  * It is a [[badge:​ruler|Ruler]] and someone else has dropped lots of your badges.
 +  * It is a fresh (not existing before) Ruler or [[badge:​mapper|Mapper]] and someone elses actions in a region make the region now pass activation.
 +  * Manual or automatic cleaning up of regions (see above) can also occasionally lead to new badge activations.
 ===== Q: When do I get my level up gift? ===== ===== Q: When do I get my level up gift? =====