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 +{{ :​badge:​weekly.png?​200|System - Weekly - 17-01-01}}
 ====== Weekly Badge ====== ====== Weekly Badge ======
-|{{:​badge:​weekly.png?​200|System - Weekly - 17-01-01}}||+
 |rarity|rare| |rarity|rare|
 |producer|System| |producer|System|
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 |dropable|yes| |dropable|yes|
 |paintable|no| |paintable|no|
-Weekly ​Badges will deployed for every player, ​which has played the game in the last week. The location of deployment is somewhere ​near locations, ​which the player played in this weekalmost ​on [[rules:​quadrants#​unplayed_gray|unplayed quadrants]]+A "​weekly" ​Badges, aka **Weekly**,  ​will be deployed for every player, ​who has played ​actively ​the game within ​the last 4 weeks. Actively means here doing drops or takes. The location of deployment is somewhere ​close to locations, ​where the player ​has played in recent pastwhen possible ​on an [[rules:​quadrants#​unplayed_gray|unplayed quadrants]]. When a weekly is not picked up by a player, it will "​wander"​ to a new location after some day. For the exact timing see [[rules:​period]]. 
 +So far Weeklies feature artwork by [[https://​de.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Doris_Matth%C3%A4us|Doris Matthäus]]. 
 +This website now provides a map to hunt for [[https://​www.badge-r-s.de/​oldWeeklies.php|older weeklies]].