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-====== Ruler Badge ====== +====== Mapper Badge ====== 
-| |<picture>|+|{{:badge:mapper.png?200|Mapper - Lithuania}}||
 |rarity|unique| |rarity|unique|
 |deployment|inventory| |deployment|inventory|
 |dropable|no| |dropable|no|
-You earn this badge when you have the highest sum of badge level in [[regions|region]]. It will deployed directly in you [[inventory]]. You lose them when someone else has an higher sum of badge level in the same region.+|consumable|no| 
 +You earn such a badge when you have the most [[rules:quadrants|quadrants]] in the corresponding [[rules:regions|region]]. Any coloured quadrant (yellow for dropped badge, blue for picked up badge or green for both) in the region counts as one point toward the mapper badge. 
 +The mapper badge is deployed directly in your [[rules:inventory]]. You lose it when someone else has more quadrants in same region.  
 +These badges are similar to the [[badge:ruler|ruler]] badges and only differ in the criterion for being awarded.
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