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-====== Ruler Badge ====== +====== Mapper Badge ====== 
-| |<picture>|+|{{:badge:mapper.png?200|Mapper - Lithuania}}||
 |rarity|unique| |rarity|unique|
 |deployment|inventory| |deployment|inventory|
 |dropable|no| |dropable|no|
-You earn this badge when you have the highest sum of badge level in region. It will deployed directly in you inventory. You lose them when someone else has an higher sum of badge level in the same region.+|paintable|no
 +You earn such a badge when you have the most [[rules:quadrants|quadrants]] in the corresponding [[rules:regions|region]]. Any coloured quadrant (yellow for dropped badge, blue for picked up badge or green for both) in the region counts as one point toward the mapper badge. 
 +The mapper badge is deployed directly in your [[rules:inventory]]. You lose it when someone else has more quadrants in same region.  
 +These badges are similar to the [[badge:ruler|ruler]] badges and only differ in the criterion for being awarded.
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