Region 4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets  (?)
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S 11-26 21:00 11-28 21:00
101.Heinersbrück, Germany217
102.Малий Фонтан, Ukraine215
103.Lichtenrade, Germany215
104.Kungsholmen, Sweden215
105.Centre in Centre, Germany215
106.Leipzig-center, Germany214
107.Eutritzsch, Germany213
108.Sandreuth, Germany212
109.Wedderstedt, Germany211
110.Gamla stan, Sweden210
111.Bult, Germany210
112.Westerville in Franklin County, United States of America29
113.Hørning, Denmark28
114.Warnemünde, Germany28
115.Szczepin, Poland28
116.Силово-Медведово, Russian Federation27
117.Groß Lübbenau, Germany27
118.Alphington in City of Darebin, Australia27
119.Schönau in West, Germany27
120.Neustadt in Hamburg-Mitte, Germany27
121.Пушкинские Горы, Russian Federation26
122.Leeuwarden in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands26
123.Genoa Township, United States of America26
124.Grovedale, Australia26
125.Klein Gaglow, Germany26
126.Lausen-Grünau, Germany26
127.Fitzroy North in City of Yarra, Australia25
128.Schiedam, The Netherlands25
129.Great Dunmow, United Kingdom25
130.Warrandyte, Australia24
131.Lake Wendouree, Australia24
132.Franklin Township in Franklin County, United States of America24
133.Henderson, United States of America24
134.St Nicolas Park, United Kingdom23
135.Broomfield in Chelmsford, United Kingdom23
136.Satzung, Germany23
137.Favrskov Municipality, Denmark23
138.Marshall in City of Greater Geelong, Australia23
139.Cracau in Magdeburg, Germany23
140.Fremont in Alameda County, United States of America23
141.Indianapolis, United States of America22
S 11-26 21:00 11-28 21:00
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