Region 4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets  (?)
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S 03-27 21:07
51.Sint-Niklaas in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium332
52.St. Pauli, Germany329
53.Moabit, Germany319
54.Altstadt in Magdeburg, Germany318
55.Пролетарский территориальный округ, Russian Federation314
56.Spreenhagen in Spreenhagen, Germany314
57.Tomakin, Australia313
58.Bruthen, Australia310
59.Noblesville, United States of America310
60.Town of Lyons, United States of America39
61.Schönefeld-Abtnaundorf, Germany39
62.St. Georg, Germany39
63.Bad Wilhelmshöhe, Germany39
64.Liberty Township, United States of America38
65.Lundshøj, Denmark38
66.Devonport, Australia38
67.Raymond Island, Australia37
68.Scottsdale, Australia36
69.gmina Żary, Poland36
70.Williamstown, Australia36
71.Centre East, Germany36
72.Hillerød, Denmark36
73.Fågelsta, Sweden36
74.Brighton in City of Bayside, Australia35
75.Leupegem, Belgium34
76.Καλαμπάκα, Greece34
77.Salak South, Malaysia34
78.Orange County in Florida, United States of America34
79.Baltimore, United States of America34
80.Buckenhofer Forst, Germany34
81.Ormond Beach, United States of America33
82.Kurojedy, Czechia33
83.Kingsport, United States of America33
84.Kingston in South Canberra, Australia33
85.Campbell Town, Australia33
86.Hennepin County, United States of America33
87.Kist, Germany277
88.Södertälje, Sweden274
89.Schönefeld in Landkreis Dahme-Spreewald, Germany264
90.Krč, Czechia245
91.Leuven in Leuven, Belgium245
92.Steinbeck in Steinbeck, Germany230
93.Babelsberg Süd, Germany228
94.Torremolinos, Spain224
95.Horn-Lehe, Germany223
96.Alby, Sweden223
97.Lissewege in Lissewege, Belgium222
98.Forst in Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Bruchsal, Germany219
99.Bohnsdorf, Germany217
100.Baumschulenweg, Germany216
S 03-27 21:07
next around 03-28 09:21
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