Region 4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets  (?)
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S 10-01 21:13
51.Ramenki District, Russian Federation34
52.Kolovraty, Czechia34
53.Züssow in Züssow, Germany33
54.Spring Valley Village, United States of America33
55.Jamestown, United States of America33
56.Hendricks County, United States of America33
57.Oak Ridge, United States of America33
58.Łódź-Polesie, Poland33
59.Covert Township, United States of America33
60.Queens County, United States of America33
61.Freienbach, Switzerland33
62.Viserbella, Italy33
63.Old Town in City of Edinburgh, United Kingdom33
64.Stiepel, Germany2158
65.Querenburg, Germany285
66.Mitte in Mitte, Germany264
67.Dinant in Dinant, Belgium253
68.Susten, Switzerland239
69.Liège in Liège, Belgium239
70.Innenstadt in Bochum-Mitte, Germany235
71.Oatlands, Australia233
72.Andover, United States of America231
73.Schlachtensee, Germany226
74.Horchheim, Germany226
75.Ruisbroek, Belgium225
76.Charlottenburg, Germany225
77.Izegem in Izegem, Belgium223
78.Centre in Montpellier, France222
79.Steinbeck in Steinbeck, Germany222
80.Mitte in Stadtbezirk Bremerhaven-Nord, Germany221
81.Steinbeck in Buchholz in der Nordheide, Germany220
82.Königs Wusterhausen in Königs Wusterhausen, Germany219
83.KG Breitenlee, Austria219
84.Tiergarten, Germany219
85.Innenstadt in Weinheim, Germany217
86.Reinickendorf in Reinickendorf, Germany217
87.Långholmen, Sweden216
88.Svinov, Czechia216
89.Welkenbach, Germany214
90.Cuxhaven - Cuxhoben, Germany213
91.San Faustino-Madonnina-Quattroville, Italy213
92.Smogóry, Poland213
93.Charlottenburg-Nord, Germany212
94.Hansahlen, Germany211
95.Gerani, Greece210
96.Wettstein, Switzerland210
97.Любятово, Russian Federation29
98.Bezirksteil Altaubing, Germany29
99.Oakland, United States of America29
100.Palo Alto, United States of America29
S 10-01 21:13
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