Region 4 Weeks Weekly Badge Targets  (?)
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1.Morrisville, United States of America1942
2.Żary, Poland1661
3.Пролетарский территориальный округ, Russian Federation1366
4.Nashville-Davidson, United States of America1315
5.Tverskoy District, Russian Federation1313
6.Waldsee, Germany1163
7.Moruya, Australia1115
8.Cary, United States of America1022
9.England, United Kingdom1018
10.Brasschaat, Belgium970
11.Kew in City of Boroondara, Australia817
12.Bellevue in King County, United States of America811
13.Munzingen, Germany7158
14.Wilmington in Los Angeles, United States of America714
15.Narrabundah, Australia77
16.Carmel, United States of America653
17.Mehlem, Germany653
18.Fishers, United States of America624
19.Berchem in Antwerp, Belgium623
20.Antwerp in Antwerp, Belgium620
21.Westchester in Proviso Township, United States of America615
22.Aarhus Ø, Denmark615
23.Lilienthal in Lilienthal, Germany614
24.Eltham, Australia614
25.Velikiye Luki, Russian Federation611
26.Траццякоўскі сельскі Савет, Belarus66
27.Bruce, Australia66
28.Ransbach-Baumbach in Ransbach-Baumbach, Germany5102
29.Siemensstadt, Germany553
30.Altstadt in Hamburg-Mitte, Germany533
31.Montgomery, United States of America516
32.Ridge Township, United States of America514
33.Brieselang, Germany57
34.Maienfeld, Switzerland56
35.Cleveland, United States of America56
36.Goodlettsville in Davidson County, United States of America55
37.Romulus, United States of America55
38.Canberra, Australia55
39.Riverside in Cleveland, United States of America55
40.Bruchsal, Germany478
41.Ahrensfelde, Germany456
42.Lankwitz, Germany454
43.Schoten, Belgium435
44.Tiengen, Germany429
45.Butendiek, Germany423
46.Westfield in Hamilton County, United States of America423
47.Horní Měcholupy, Czechia422
48.Gerwisch, Germany416
49.Columbus in Franklin County, United States of America413
50.Achterbroek, Belgium413
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