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All players.

History for Tanuki

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
18.07.19   Tanuki Salt Lake City Rulers Salt Lake City All players.
15.05.19   Tanuki Virginia Rulers Virginia All players.
13.05.19   Tanuki Henrico County Rulers Henrico County All players.
12.05.19   Tanuki Virginia Mappers Virginia All players.
27.04.19   Tanuki Broward County Rulers Broward County All players.
11.04.19   Tanuki Phoenix Rulers Phoenix All players.
   Tanuki Maricopa County Mappers Maricopa County
10.04.19   Tanuki Maricopa County Rulers Maricopa County All players.
08.04.19   Tanuki Riverside County Rulers Riverside County All players.
   Tanuki Riverside County Mappers Riverside County
24.02.19   Tanuki Los Angeles Mappers Los Angeles All players.
Regions longest held by Tanuki: Georgia Georgia Orange County Orange County Grapevine Grapevine Florida Florida Riverside County Riverside County