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All players.

History for Barney.vk

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
13.10.19   Barney.vk GRN Rulers GRN All players.
   Barney.vk AL Rulers AL
   Barney.vk Liguria Rulers Liguria
   Barney.vk Emilia-Romagna Rulers Emilia-Romagna
12.10.19   Barney.vk Spain Rulers Spain Spain All players.
   Barney.vk South Tyrol Rulers South Tyrol
   Barney.vk Piemont Rulers Piemont
   Barney.vk Lombardy Rulers Lombardy
   Barney.vk Italy Rulers Italy Italy
   Barney.vk Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Rulers Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
   Barney.vk okres České Budějovice Rulers okres České Budějovice
11.10.19   Barney.vk Veneto Rulers Veneto All players.
   Barney.vk Salten-Schlern - Salto-Sciliar Rulers Salten-Schlern - Salto-Sciliar
   Barney.vk Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol Rulers Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol
   Barney.vk Landkreis Rosenheim Rulers Landkreis Rosenheim
   Barney.vk Schwaz Rulers Schwaz
10.10.19   Barney.vk Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge Rulers Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge All players.
   Barney.vk Landkreis Meißen Rulers Landkreis Meißen
   Barney.vk Landkreis Oberspreewald-Lausitz Rulers Landkreis Oberspreewald-Lausitz
   Barney.vk Schenkenländchen Rulers Schenkenländchen
   Barney.vk okres Český Krumlov Rulers okres Český Krumlov
   Barney.vk okres Mělník Rulers okres Mělník
   Barney.vk okres Benešov Rulers okres Benešov
   Barney.vk Schenkenländchen Mappers Schenkenländchen
08.10.19   Barney.vk Nuthetal Rulers Nuthetal All players.
30.09.19   Barney.vk Canton Esch-sur-Alzette Mappers Canton Esch-sur-Alzette All players.
27.09.19   Barney.vk Slivo Pole Rulers Slivo Pole All players.
25.09.19   Barney.vk Irig Municipality Rulers Irig Municipality All players.
   Barney.vk Indjija Municipality Rulers Indjija Municipality
24.09.19   Barney.vk Vojvodina Rulers Vojvodina All players.
23.09.19   Barney.vk Srem Administrative District Rulers Srem Administrative District All players.
22.09.19   Barney.vk Novi Sad City Rulers Novi Sad City All players.
   Barney.vk Tolna Rulers Tolna
   Barney.vk Cham Rulers Cham
21.09.19   Barney.vk Gemeinde Dürnstein Rulers Gemeinde Dürnstein All players.
20.09.19   Barney.vk District of Komárno Rulers District of Komárno All players.
   Barney.vk District of Bratislava IV Rulers District of Bratislava IV
   Barney.vk Galați Rulers Galați
   Barney.vk Polski Trambesh Rulers Polski Trambesh
   Barney.vk Bezirk Krems Rulers Bezirk Krems
   Barney.vk Bratislava Mappers Bratislava
   Barney.vk Region of Bratislava Mappers Region of Bratislava
19.09.19   Barney.vk District of Dunajská Streda Rulers District of Dunajská Streda All players.
   Barney.vk District of Bratislava I Rulers District of Bratislava I
   Barney.vk Apatin Municipality Rulers Apatin Municipality
   Barney.vk Sremski Karlovci Municipality Rulers Sremski Karlovci Municipality
   Barney.vk Surcin Urban Municipality Rulers Surcin Urban Municipality
   Barney.vk New Belgrade Urban Municipality Rulers New Belgrade Urban Municipality
   Barney.vk Sitovo Rulers Sitovo
   Barney.vk Pleven Rulers Pleven
18.09.19   Barney.vk Reni Raion Rulers Reni Raion All players.
   Barney.vk West Backa Administrative District Rulers West Backa Administrative District
   Barney.vk Zemun Urban Municipality Rulers Zemun Urban Municipality
   Barney.vk Foktő Rulers Foktő
   Barney.vk Stari Grad Urban Municipality Rulers Stari Grad Urban Municipality
   Barney.vk Ivanovo Rulers Ivanovo
   Barney.vk Borovo Rulers Borovo
   Barney.vk Biala Rulers Biala
17.09.19   Barney.vk City of Pančevo Rulers City of Pančevo All players.
   Barney.vk Drobeta-Turnu Severin Rulers Drobeta-Turnu Severin
   Barney.vk Sector 1 Rulers Sector 1
   Barney.vk Tutrakan Rulers Tutrakan
   Barney.vk Veliko Tarnovo Rulers Veliko Tarnovo
   Barney.vk Ruse Rulers Ruse
16.09.19   Barney.vk South Banat Administrative District Rulers South Banat Administrative District All players.
   Barney.vk South Backa Administrative District Rulers South Backa Administrative District
   Barney.vk Silistra Rulers Silistra
   Barney.vk Видин Rulers Видин
   Barney.vk Велико Търново Rulers Велико Търново
   Barney.vk Русе Rulers Русе
   Barney.vk Bulgaria Mappers Bulgaria
   Barney.vk Odesa Oblast Rulers Odesa Oblast
   Barney.vk Ialomița Rulers Ialomița
   Barney.vk Giurgiu Rulers Giurgiu
   Barney.vk Călărași Rulers Călărași
   Barney.vk Sector 5 Rulers Sector 5
   Barney.vk Brăila Rulers Brăila
15.09.19   Barney.vk Ukraine Rulers Ukraine All players.
   Barney.vk Bor Administrative District Rulers Bor Administrative District
   Barney.vk Tulcea Rulers Tulcea
   Barney.vk Olt Rulers Olt
   Barney.vk Galați Rulers Galați
14.09.19   Barney.vk Serbia Mappers Serbia All players.
   Barney.vk City of Belgrade Rulers City of Belgrade
   Barney.vk Teleorman Rulers Teleorman
   Barney.vk Ilfov Rulers Ilfov
   Barney.vk Dolj Rulers Dolj
   Barney.vk Bucharest Rulers Bucharest
   Barney.vk Bulgaria Rulers Bulgaria
13.09.19   Barney.vk Bucharest Mappers Bucharest All players.
   Barney.vk Mehedinți Rulers Mehedinți
   Barney.vk Romania Rulers Romania
12.09.19   Barney.vk Serbia Rulers Serbia All players.
   Barney.vk Passau Rulers Passau
   Barney.vk Vukovar-Syrmia County Rulers Vukovar-Syrmia County
   Barney.vk Osijek-Baranja County Rulers Osijek-Baranja County
11.09.19   Barney.vk Esztergom Rulers Esztergom All players.
   Barney.vk 6th district Rulers 6th district
   Barney.vk Baranya Rulers Baranya
   Barney.vk Bács-Kiskun Rulers Bács-Kiskun
   Barney.vk Croatia Rulers Croatia Croatia
   Barney.vk Gemeinde Tulln an der Donau Rulers Gemeinde Tulln an der Donau
10.09.19   Barney.vk 5th district Mappers 5th district All players.
   Barney.vk 11th district Mappers 11th district
   Barney.vk District of Bratislava V Rulers District of Bratislava V
   Barney.vk Visegrád Rulers Visegrád
   Barney.vk Pest megye Rulers Pest megye
   Barney.vk Komárom-Esztergom Rulers Komárom-Esztergom
   Barney.vk Budapest Rulers Budapest
   Barney.vk Hungary Rulers Hungary
   Barney.vk Perg Rulers Perg
09.09.19   Barney.vk Pest megye Mappers Pest megye All players.
   Barney.vk Region of Trnava Rulers Region of Trnava
   Barney.vk Region of Nitra Rulers Region of Nitra
   Barney.vk District of Senec Rulers District of Senec
   Barney.vk Bratislava Rulers Bratislava
   Barney.vk Region of Bratislava Rulers Region of Bratislava
   Barney.vk Neukölln Rulers Neukölln
   Barney.vk Floridsdorf Rulers Floridsdorf
   Barney.vk Bezirk Tulln Rulers Bezirk Tulln
   Barney.vk Bezirk Gänserndorf Rulers Bezirk Gänserndorf
08.09.19   Barney.vk Linz-Land Rulers Linz-Land All players.
   Barney.vk Linz Rulers Linz
   Barney.vk Melk Rulers Melk
06.09.19   Barney.vk Schenkenländchen Mappers Schenkenländchen All players.
   Barney.vk Spreenhagen Rulers Spreenhagen
   Barney.vk Landkreis Oder-Spree Rulers Landkreis Oder-Spree
   Barney.vk Lübbenau/Spreewald Rulers Lübbenau/Spreewald
   Barney.vk Schenkenländchen Rulers Schenkenländchen
30.08.19   Barney.vk Dole Rulers Dole All players.
   Barney.vk Grand Est Mappers Grand Est
29.08.19   Barney.vk Gesundbrunnen Rulers Gesundbrunnen All players.
26.08.19   Barney.vk Lichtenberg Rulers Lichtenberg All players.
24.08.19   Barney.vk Landkreis Bayreuth Mappers Landkreis Bayreuth All players.
22.08.19   Barney.vk Neustadt (Dosse) Rulers Neustadt (Dosse) All players.
   Barney.vk Landkreis Ostprignitz-Ruppin Rulers Landkreis Ostprignitz-Ruppin
   Barney.vk Spandau Rulers Spandau
20.08.19   Barney.vk Nuthetal Rulers Nuthetal All players.
09.08.19   Barney.vk Westliche Vorstadt Rulers Westliche Vorstadt All players.
08.08.19   Barney.vk Potsdam-Nord Rulers Potsdam-Nord All players.
   Barney.vk Lehrte Mappers Lehrte
06.08.19   Barney.vk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Rulers Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg All players.
28.07.19   Barney.vk Kiekebusch Rulers Kiekebusch All players.
26.07.19   Barney.vk Biesdorf Rulers Biesdorf All players.
21.07.19   Barney.vk Landkreis Hersfeld-Rotenburg Rulers Landkreis Hersfeld-Rotenburg All players.
20.07.19   Barney.vk Landkreis Hersfeld-Rotenburg Mappers Landkreis Hersfeld-Rotenburg All players.
19.07.19   Barney.vk Neukölln Rulers Neukölln All players.
   Barney.vk Adlershof Mappers Adlershof
15.07.19   Barney.vk Rummelsburg Rulers Rummelsburg All players.
26.06.19   Barney.vk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Rulers Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg All players.
22.06.19   Barney.vk Schwielowsee Mappers Schwielowsee All players.
21.06.19   Barney.vk Schwielowsee Rulers Schwielowsee All players.
15.06.19   Barney.vk Ahrensfelde Mappers Ahrensfelde All players.
12.06.19   Barney.vk Dinkelsbühl Rulers Dinkelsbühl All players.
08.06.19   Barney.vk Leuna Mappers Leuna All players.
   Barney.vk Bad Oldesloe Rulers Bad Oldesloe
   Barney.vk Köpenick Rulers Köpenick
   Barney.vk Rummelsburg Rulers Rummelsburg
   Barney.vk Friedrichsfelde Rulers Friedrichsfelde
   Barney.vk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Rulers Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg
   Barney.vk Charlottenburg Rulers Charlottenburg
04.06.19   Barney.vk Hirschaid Mappers Hirschaid All players.
03.06.19   Barney.vk Weimar Rulers Weimar All players.
   Barney.vk Weimar Rulers Weimar
02.06.19   Barney.vk Landkreis Gotha Rulers Landkreis Gotha All players.
01.06.19   Barney.vk Ansbach (district) Rulers Ansbach (district) All players.
   Barney.vk Wethautal Mappers Wethautal
   Barney.vk Burgenlandkreis Mappers Burgenlandkreis
   Barney.vk Saxony-Anhalt Mappers Saxony-Anhalt
31.05.19   Barney.vk Coswig Rulers Coswig All players.
   Barney.vk Wethautal Rulers Wethautal
   Barney.vk Teuchern Rulers Teuchern
   Barney.vk Nuthetal Rulers Nuthetal
   Barney.vk Rabenstein/Fläming Rulers Rabenstein/Fläming
   Barney.vk Niemegk Rulers Niemegk
   Barney.vk Michendorf Rulers Michendorf
25.05.19   Barney.vk Alt-Hohenschönhausen Rulers Alt-Hohenschönhausen All players.
24.05.19   Barney.vk Blumberg Rulers Blumberg All players.
21.05.19   Barney.vk Leverkusen Rulers Leverkusen All players.
20.05.19   Barney.vk Landkreis Oberhavel Mappers Landkreis Oberhavel All players.
   Barney.vk Landkreis Jerichower Land Mappers Landkreis Jerichower Land
19.05.19   Barney.vk Innenstadt Rulers Innenstadt All players.
18.05.19   Barney.vk Innenstadt Mappers Innenstadt All players.
   Barney.vk Cologne Mappers Cologne
12.05.19   Barney.vk Michendorf Mappers Michendorf All players.
08.05.19   Barney.vk Panketal Rulers Panketal All players.
   Barney.vk Lindenberg Rulers Lindenberg
   Barney.vk Kaulsdorf Rulers Kaulsdorf
   Barney.vk Bernau Rulers Bernau
   Barney.vk Mahlsdorf Rulers Mahlsdorf
07.05.19   Barney.vk Mehrow Rulers Mehrow All players.
06.05.19   Barney.vk Eiche Rulers Eiche All players.
05.05.19   Barney.vk Biesdorf Rulers Biesdorf All players.
04.05.19   Barney.vk Landkreis Mittelsachsen Rulers Landkreis Mittelsachsen All players.
03.05.19   Barney.vk Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg Rulers Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg All players.
   Barney.vk Mitte Rulers Mitte
01.05.19   Barney.vk Pankow Mappers Pankow All players.
   Barney.vk Weißensee Rulers Weißensee
   Barney.vk Pankow Rulers Pankow
30.04.19   Barney.vk Rummelsburg Rulers Rummelsburg All players.
   Barney.vk Friedrichsfelde Rulers Friedrichsfelde
27.04.19   Barney.vk Mitte Rulers Mitte All players.
   Barney.vk Lichtenberg Rulers Lichtenberg
26.04.19   Barney.vk Neukölln Rulers Neukölln All players.
   Barney.vk Niederschöneweide Rulers Niederschöneweide
25.04.19   Barney.vk Baumschulenweg Mappers Baumschulenweg All players.
24.04.19   Barney.vk Falkenberg Rulers Falkenberg All players.
   Barney.vk Neu-Hohenschönhausen Rulers Neu-Hohenschönhausen
20.04.19   Barney.vk Luxembourg Mappers Luxembourg All players.
   Barney.vk Aachen-Mitte Rulers Aachen-Mitte
19.04.19   Barney.vk Köpenick Mappers Köpenick All players.
   Barney.vk Landkreis Barnim Rulers Landkreis Barnim
   Barney.vk Marzahn Rulers Marzahn
   Barney.vk Köpenick Rulers Köpenick
   Barney.vk Aachen Rulers Aachen
   Barney.vk Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Mappers Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
18.04.19   Barney.vk Lehrte Rulers Lehrte All players.
   Barney.vk Hamm Mappers Hamm
   Barney.vk Kloster Lehnin Mappers Kloster Lehnin
   Barney.vk Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg Mappers Regierungsbezirk Arnsberg
17.04.19   Barney.vk Hamm Rulers Hamm All players.
16.04.19   Barney.vk Luxembourg Rulers Luxembourg All players.
   Barney.vk Städteregion Aachen Rulers Städteregion Aachen
   Barney.vk Wallonia Mappers Wallonia
   Barney.vk Belgium Mappers Belgium Belgium
   Barney.vk Verviers Mappers Verviers
15.04.19   Barney.vk France Rulers France France All players.
   Barney.vk Wallonia Rulers Wallonia
   Barney.vk Belgium Rulers Belgium Belgium
14.04.19   Barney.vk Figueres Rulers Figueres All players.
   Barney.vk Upper Empordà Rulers Upper Empordà
   Barney.vk Province of Girona Rulers Province of Girona
Regions longest held by Barney.vk: Vega Baja del Segura Vega Baja del Segura Landkreis Barnim Landkreis Barnim Lichtenberg Lichtenberg Königs Wusterhausen Königs Wusterhausen Landkreis Helmstedt Landkreis Helmstedt