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All players.

History for DaanVZ

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
17.06.19   DaanVZ Reimerswaal Rulers Reimerswaal All players.
15.06.19   DaanVZ Venice Rulers Venice All players.
12.06.19   DaanVZ Groningen Rulers Groningen All players.
   DaanVZ Salzburg Rulers Salzburg
10.06.19   DaanVZ VE Rulers VE All players.
08.06.19   DaanVZ Veneto Rulers Veneto All players.
06.06.19   DaanVZ Haarlemmermeer Rulers Haarlemmermeer All players.
05.06.19   DaanVZ Haarlemmermeer Mappers Haarlemmermeer All players.
25.05.19   DaanVZ Bielefeld Rulers Bielefeld All players.
24.05.19   DaanVZ Kreis Steinfurt Rulers Kreis Steinfurt All players.
   DaanVZ Overijssel Rulers Overijssel
22.05.19   DaanVZ North Holland Rulers North Holland All players.
06.05.19   DaanVZ Perth and Kinross Rulers Perth and Kinross All players.
   DaanVZ Highland Rulers Highland
   DaanVZ Highland Mappers Highland
03.05.19   DaanVZ City of Edinburgh Rulers City of Edinburgh All players.
   DaanVZ Scotland Rulers Scotland
14.04.19   DaanVZ Gelderland Mappers Gelderland All players.
03.04.19   DaanVZ Bláskógabyggð Rulers Bláskógabyggð All players.
02.04.19   DaanVZ The Hague Rulers The Hague All players.
   DaanVZ Midden-Delfland Rulers Midden-Delfland
01.04.19   DaanVZ Westland Rulers Westland All players.
29.03.19   DaanVZ Borgarbyggð Rulers Borgarbyggð All players.
28.03.19   DaanVZ Rangárþing eystra Mappers Rangárþing eystra All players.
   DaanVZ Province of Valencia Mappers Province of Valencia
   DaanVZ Mýrdalshreppur Mappers Mýrdalshreppur
   DaanVZ Southern Region Rulers Southern Region
27.03.19   DaanVZ Iceland Rulers Iceland All players.
26.03.19   DaanVZ Western Region Rulers Western Region All players.
   DaanVZ Western Region Mappers Western Region
   DaanVZ Reykjavik Mappers Reykjavik
   DaanVZ Schlüsselfeld Mappers Schlüsselfeld
25.03.19   DaanVZ Reykjavik Rulers Reykjavik All players.
   DaanVZ Capital Region Rulers Capital Region
   DaanVZ Capital Region Mappers Capital Region
   DaanVZ Kitzingen (VGem) Mappers Kitzingen (VGem)
24.03.19   DaanVZ Southern Peninsula Rulers Southern Peninsula All players.
23.02.19   DaanVZ Attica Mappers Attica All players.
19.02.19   DaanVZ Main-Tauber-Kreis Mappers Main-Tauber-Kreis All players.
   DaanVZ Gelderland Rulers Gelderland
14.02.19   DaanVZ Kreis Euskirchen Mappers Kreis Euskirchen All players.
12.02.19   DaanVZ Salzburg Rulers Salzburg All players.
11.02.19   DaanVZ Sankt Johann im Pongau Mappers Sankt Johann im Pongau All players.
   DaanVZ Sankt Johann im Pongau Rulers Sankt Johann im Pongau
10.02.19   DaanVZ Höchstadt a.d.Aisch Mappers Höchstadt a.d.Aisch All players.
   DaanVZ Landkreis Main-Spessart Rulers Landkreis Main-Spessart
09.02.19   DaanVZ Landkreis Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm Mappers Landkreis Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm All players.
   DaanVZ Würzburg Mappers Würzburg
   DaanVZ Landkreis Würzburg Mappers Landkreis Würzburg
   DaanVZ Landkreis Kitzingen Mappers Landkreis Kitzingen
   DaanVZ Lower Franconia Mappers Lower Franconia