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All players.

History for DaanVZ

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
05.11.19   DaanVZ Andalusia Mappers Andalusia AndalusiaAll players.
03.11.19   DaanVZ Seville Rulers Seville SevilleAll players.
02.11.19   DaanVZ Sevilla Rulers Sevilla SevillaAll players.
01.11.19   DaanVZ Andalusia Rulers Andalusia AndalusiaAll players.
28.10.19   DaanVZ Pijnacker-Nootdorp Mappers Pijnacker-NootdorpAll players.
22.10.19   DaanVZ Schouwen-Duiveland Rulers Schouwen-DuivelandAll players.
14.10.19   DaanVZ Kreis Höxter Rulers Kreis HöxterAll players.
   DaanVZ Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Marktheidenfeld Mappers Verwaltungsgemeinschaft Marktheidenfeld
12.10.19   DaanVZ Regierungsbezirk Detmold Rulers Regierungsbezirk DetmoldAll players.
   DaanVZ Veneto Mappers Veneto
11.10.19   DaanVZ Kreis Lippe Rulers Kreis LippeAll players.
   DaanVZ Flevoland Mappers Flevoland
08.10.19   DaanVZ Verbandsgemeinde Konz Rulers Verbandsgemeinde KonzAll players.
07.10.19   DaanVZ Pijnacker-Nootdorp Rulers Pijnacker-NootdorpAll players.
   DaanVZ Namur Rulers Namur
03.10.19   DaanVZ Luxembourg Mappers Luxembourg LuxembourgAll players.
02.10.19   DaanVZ Landkreis Trier-Saarburg Mappers Landkreis Trier-SaarburgAll players.
   DaanVZ Canton Capellen Rulers Canton Capellen
   DaanVZ Landkreis Trier-Saarburg Rulers Landkreis Trier-Saarburg
01.10.19   DaanVZ Landkreis Merzig-Wadern Rulers Landkreis Merzig-WadernAll players.
30.09.19   DaanVZ Luxembourg Rulers Luxembourg LuxembourgAll players.
   DaanVZ Canton Esch-sur-Alzette Rulers Canton Esch-sur-Alzette
   DaanVZ Luxembourg Rulers Luxembourg
29.09.19   DaanVZ Luxembourg Mappers LuxembourgAll players.
27.09.19   DaanVZ North Holland Rulers North HollandAll players.
23.09.19   DaanVZ Den Helder Rulers Den HelderAll players.
28.08.19   DaanVZ Putten Rulers PuttenAll players.
17.06.19   DaanVZ Reimerswaal Rulers ReimerswaalAll players.
15.06.19   DaanVZ Venice Rulers VeniceAll players.
12.06.19   DaanVZ Groningen Rulers GroningenAll players.
   DaanVZ Salzburg Rulers Salzburg Salzburg
10.06.19   DaanVZ VE Rulers VEAll players.
08.06.19   DaanVZ Veneto Rulers VenetoAll players.
06.06.19   DaanVZ Haarlemmermeer Rulers HaarlemmermeerAll players.
05.06.19   DaanVZ Haarlemmermeer Mappers HaarlemmermeerAll players.
25.05.19   DaanVZ Bielefeld Rulers BielefeldAll players.
24.05.19   DaanVZ Kreis Steinfurt Rulers Kreis SteinfurtAll players.
   DaanVZ Overijssel Rulers Overijssel
22.05.19   DaanVZ North Holland Rulers North HollandAll players.
Regions longest held by DaanVZ: South Holland South Holland The Netherlands The Netherlands Landkreis Main-Spessart Landkreis Main-Spessart Zeeland Zeeland Utrecht Utrecht