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All players.

History for Skralg

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
24.04.19   Skralg United States of America Mappers United States of America All players.
20.04.19   Skralg Illinois Mappers Illinois All players.
15.04.19   Skralg Mecklenburg County Rulers Mecklenburg County All players.
10.04.19   Skralg San José Rulers San José All players.
08.04.19   Skralg Illinois Rulers Illinois All players.
22.02.19   Skralg San Bernardino County Rulers San Bernardino County All players.
17.02.19   Skralg Los Angeles County Mappers Los Angeles County All players.
31.01.19   Skralg Salt Lake County Rulers Salt Lake County All players.
27.11.18   Skralg Los Angeles County Rulers Los Angeles County All players.
16.11.18   Skralg Grapevine Mappers Grapevine All players.
29.10.18   Skralg Santa Clara County Mappers Santa Clara County All players.