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All players.

History for dorima

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
21.08.19   dorima São Martinho Rulers São Martinho All players.
09.08.19   dorima Santa Cruz Rulers Santa Cruz All players.
08.08.19   dorima Madeira Mappers Madeira All players.
   dorima Madeira Mappers Madeira
   dorima Portugal Mappers Portugal
07.08.19   dorima Câmara de Lobos Rulers Câmara de Lobos All players.
31.07.19   dorima Landkreis Erding Rulers Landkreis Erding All players.
09.07.19   dorima Häusling Rulers Häusling All players.
05.05.19   dorima Landkreis Forchheim Mappers Landkreis Forchheim All players.
04.05.19   dorima Effeltrich (VGem) Rulers Effeltrich (VGem) All players.
   dorima Gosberg (VGem) Rulers Gosberg (VGem)
   dorima Am Anger Rulers Am Anger
27.04.19   dorima Scheßlitz Rulers Scheßlitz All players.
   dorima Am Anger Rulers Am Anger
01.04.19   dorima Heßdorf (VGem) Mappers Heßdorf (VGem) All players.
25.03.19   dorima Iceland Rulers Iceland All players.
24.03.19   dorima Hüttendorf Mappers Hüttendorf All players.
Regions longest held by dorima: Isernhagen Isernhagen Northwestern Region Northwestern Region Eastern Region Eastern Region Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður Sveitarfélagið Hornafjörður Bláskógabyggð Bláskógabyggð