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All players.

History for TurboNeko

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
29.09.19   TurboNeko Lindenberg Rulers Lindenberg All players.
01.09.19   TurboNeko Landkreis Bayreuth Mappers Landkreis Bayreuth All players.
11.08.19   TurboNeko Westliche Vorstadt Rulers Westliche Vorstadt All players.
21.07.19   TurboNeko Nossen Mappers Nossen All players.
08.06.19   TurboNeko Nossen Rulers Nossen All players.
23.05.19   TurboNeko Mahé Mappers Mahé All players.
08.05.19   TurboNeko Streitmühle Mappers Streitmühle All players.
29.04.19   TurboNeko Nürnberger Land Rulers Nürnberger Land All players.
23.04.19   TurboNeko Lorenz Mappers Lorenz All players.
Regions longest held by TurboNeko: Santa Cruz de Tenerife Santa Cruz de Tenerife Swabia Swabia Seychelles Seychelles Mahé Mahé Landkreis Dillingen an der Donau Landkreis Dillingen an der Donau