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All players.

History for Ratte

A part of Badge(r)s is conquering and mapping political regions.
14.07.19   Ratte Veitsbronn (VGem) Rulers Veitsbronn (VGem) All players.
13.07.19   Ratte Altona-Altstadt Mappers Altona-Altstadt All players.
12.07.19   Ratte Altona Rulers Altona All players.
15.06.19   Ratte Buch Rulers Buch All players.
10.06.19   Ratte Schwabach Rulers Schwabach All players.
30.04.19   Ratte Westliche Vorstadt Rulers Westliche Vorstadt All players.
22.04.19   Ratte Tennenlohe Rulers Tennenlohe All players.
03.04.19   Ratte Tennenlohe Rulers Tennenlohe All players.
24.03.19   Ratte Bruck Rulers Bruck All players.
23.03.19   Ratte Veitsbronn (VGem) Rulers Veitsbronn (VGem) All players.
   Ratte Emskirchen Rulers Emskirchen
18.03.19   Ratte Upper Palatinate Rulers Upper Palatinate All players.
   Ratte Regensburg Rulers Regensburg
17.03.19   Ratte Sankt Johannis Mappers Sankt Johannis All players.
Regions longest held by Ratte: Eiderstedt Eiderstedt Kreis Nordfriesland Kreis Nordfriesland Northeastern Region Northeastern Region Eastern Region Eastern Region Reykjanesbær Reykjanesbær